Frequently Asked Questions

  • Comedy shows are performed inside.
  • Shows are 18+ unless otherwise stated. 
  • Shows with a label of “Mature Audiences” are not clean.
  • Show starts at time listed on ticket.  Most shows are 90 minutes. (General order of the show: Host ~5-10 minutes, Feature ~20-30 minutes, Headliner 45-60 minutes).
  • Best to come early to get food and drink before house lights go out.
  • Servers will check on your table throughout the show, but are stealthy and ninja-like so as not to interrupt the show. You will have an electric tea light at the table to get their attention if needed.
  • We have a full bar and kitchen. Kitchen closes about 30 minutes into the last show of the night.  
  • Some tickets are sold as general admission, other shows have tickets sold where you choose your table. 
  • If general admission tickets and you specified a group name to sit with, we will do our best to get the whole group together. The later you arrive, the less likely that will happen.
  • All tickets have a table (back row has some tickets at a granite bar). Some seating is table height chairs, some taller bar stools with a back. If you have special requests, contact us early and we'll do our best to accommodate. 
  • The room has 3 levels, so if in a wheelchair, contact us early so we can make sure you are in a place easily accessible.
  • ~$5 discount for tickets purchased online.  Tickets not always available at the door.
  •  You do not need to print tickets. We sign you in with an app.
  • We use "Yondr bags" at all shows.  You will silence your phone and put in a magnetically sealed bag and keep with you.  You can feel it vibrate if you receive a call/text or medical alert.  There are unlocking stations, so you may quickly access your device and use it outside of the show room as often as you need.
  •  If disrupting the show, you may be asked to leave. Everyone has paid to hear the professionals.
  • We have amazing audiences, which is why we get such high quality talent in little ole Lowell, Arkansas.  

What door do we use?

  • Always use the door nearest the parking lot with the ramp.  (North side of building)

Do we need a reservation?

  • If you have purchased your tickets on-line, you do not need a reservation for comedy.  Your ticket reserves you a table, booth, or 3rd tier bar counter-top seat.

Can we eat during the show?

  • Yes, you can eat during the comedy show, BUT the lights are off so it's tough to see your plate.  Most folks come an hour or 45 minutes early to order food and have dishes cleared away before the lights go off.

Can we bring our kids?

  • During comedy shows, we do not have an age limit, but suggest 18+ without parents since there is adult content.  If you want to bring your teenagers, that's fine, but you'll probably want to get a sitter for the younger kids unless it's a designated family friendly show.

Can we book a room?

  • Yes, we've got plenty of room for your gathering, give us a call.